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 Becoming More Deliberate In Daily Life

It's easy for hours or even years to slip away unless we pay deliberate attention to the choices we make. Meditation is a proven technique for leading a more intentional life. These are four meditations that will help focus your attention so you can enjoy more happiness and success. If you feel like you're just drifting through life, take control by becoming more intentional. Meditations that train you to become more deliberate will help you identify your personal priorities and get the results you want.

  • Meditating On Slowing Down - Quiet your mind. Observe your thoughts without pursuing them. Gradually turn your attention to your breath. Count your breaths.

  • Meditating On Setting Specific Goals - Visualize where you want to go. Picture what you want your life to be like in a year or five years from now.

  • Meditating On Repetition - Consider the value of repetition. Progress usually requires persistence.

  • Meditating On Evaluation - Reflect on your daily activities. Look at the situations where you succeed in becoming more deliberate and the times when you falter.


New You

Take the necessary steps to help you believe in what you can accomplish and stop punishing yourself for all the flaws you think you have and the mistakes you’ve made. Believe that you’re worthy of achieving your dreams now – and you will.


Well Being

Taking the time to reflect on our lives is an important part of our development and growth. This is a necessary ingredient in our efforts to achieve balance in our lives.



Embrace your faults by acknowledging them and then focus on your positive traits. Your future is at stake and you only have to believe in yourself to create the future you want and deserve.